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Brentano's annual color forecast: 2014

Focus shifts to cooler colors for textiles and interior design

Retail Editor 1 -- Home Textiles Today, December 17, 2013

Wheeling, Ill. - Six colors have captured the attention of the Brentano Design Studio for 2014.

Distilled from "an analysis of reigning trends, innovations in fashion and the shifting tastes of designers," the company said, the colors comprising Brentano's 2014 color forecast hopes to anticipate the needs of interior designers and direct its own design studio in its color selections for the coming year.

"Every year we see new, exciting colors emerge - like the Seafern and Coral we're forecasting for 2014. These ‘emerging colors' typically aren't prevalent on the market yet, but they show signs of popularity," said Iris Wang, Brentano design director. "While emerging colors make great accents and can quickly update a space, most interior color trends move more slowly to accommodate the permanent fixtures in a design. Our fifth annual color forecast reflects that pace."

Brentano included two "continuing colors" from last year, natural Linen and Sapphire, to its 2014 palette. Sapphire has moved towards navy, "but it's still that rich, very usable jewel tone." And the two colors Brentano calls "evolving colors" are Gold and Charcoal, are this time "both cooler tones than the Saffron and Graphite we forecast for 2013," she continued.

The six colors for Brentano's 2014 forecast, each including company descriptions, are:

  • Seafern: An unconventional pastel both brighter and greener than seafoam, seafern comes straight from fashion with a vivacious new intensity. Light and clean and very cool, seafern emerges as a noticeable design accent.
    Coral: Lighter and more informal than red, but also richer and more romantic than orange, coral combines the best of both. The bright, fresh accent injects some fun into traditional and experimental schemes.
  • Linen: The depth of color in natural linen has a rich subtlety that makes it an adaptable neutral. Relaxed, yet luxurious, linen remains as popular as when it first appeared in Brentano's 2012 color forecast.
  • Sapphire: A near-navy blue first forecast by Brentano for 2013, sapphire doubles as a standalone classic and an elegant backdrop for rich, layered spaces. Sophisticated, deep navy blues like sapphire have a timeless appeal.
  • Gold: Shifting from the saffron yellow forecast by Brentano for 2013, gold moves in a cooler, yet rich and opulent, direction. A mid-tone gold that is not soft and light nor dark and bronzy, it makes for a usable color and a fun metallic accent.
  • Charcoal: Neutral grays will continue to shift in 2014 into cooler tones. A deeper, darker, cooler color than 2013's graphite, masculine charcoal makes a rich complement to cool accents or an elegant statement on its own.
To see videos and swatches, click here.


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