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Ground Control to Major Tom: Carpenter Co.'s latest campaign heads for space

Retail Editor 2 -- Home Textiles Today, July 23, 2013

Richmond, Va. - Comfort sleep products manufacturer Carpenter Co. has come up with a lot of interesting campaigns to promote its consumer-oriented site - partnering with celebrities, inviting consumers to launch old pillows from catapults and creating a viral music video, to name a few recent examples.
This summer's effort will culminate with a space launch.
The Out-of-this-World promotion begins on planet earthy, however. Carpenter has invited consumers to "adopt" a custom-made pillow toy, complete with birth certificate, and take photos with during their summer travels - what Carpenter calls the Postcards from Pillow project. The shots will be entered into SleepBetter's Tip-Top Topper-of the-Class art contest, which will award more than $4,000 worth of prizes.

Ultimately, five of the pillows will be sent nearly 100,000 feet above the Nevada desert on JP Aerospace balloons on Sept. 22 - the day before the New York Home Fashions Market officially opens. Carpenter will broadcast a live satellite feed of the space launch online and at "mission control" in the company's New York showroom.

"We know no bounds for where we take the SleepBetter message and that includes space," said Dan Schecter, senior vice president of consumer products at Carpenter Co. and the creator of

Thus far, pillows have been adopted by Pillow Parents in every state and the District of Columbia. The Postcards from Pillow gallery of photos has more than 50 pictures including adopted pillows with babies, pets and family. Some Pillow Parents have shared the name of their pillows, including "Drill Sgt. Naptime," who trains U.S. troops in Ft. Benning, Ga., and "McStuffy O'Fluffigan," who loves hockey.

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