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Study: Walmart no longer perceived as low-price leader

Retail Editor 2 -- Home Textiles Today, August 8, 2011

New York - The recession has changed so impacted Walmart shoppers that 86% of them no longer consider the chain to offer the lowest prices, according to a new study from WSL/Strategic Retail.
The survey of over 1,500 Walmart shoppers found 82% of them say they haven't seen any improvement in their financial situation in the past year, and 70% don't expect their finances to get better next year.
Dollar stores, respondents said, have better prices than Walmart, and shoppers noted dollar stores have stepped up the availability of national brands. Consumers also cited supermarkets and other mass retailers as having better prices.
The consultancy's ceo, Wendy Leibmann, said while Walmart is not likely to disappear, "it will no longer dominate the U.S. retail landscape the way it once did."

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