MindsInSync in expansion mode

Retail Editor 3, January 26, 2011

New York - MindsInSync, maker of the Microdry memory foam bath mat as well as Aquatopia children's products, has opened a new Shanghai office and is preparing to expand its headquarters here as well.
The Shanghai office initially employed 15 and now has 35 people. The company plans to expand that to about 100, according to president and ceo Iain Scorgie.
The New York office, now with about 37 employees, with add another 50, mostly focusing on research and development, he added.
"What we're seeing in home is a lot of categories that haven't been shaken up in years," said Scorgie. "The bath mat hasn't changed in 20 years. I think there are a lot of easy pickings in the kids' industry and in home."
Scorgie hails from the entertainment and gaming industry, holding positions with online gaming company Worlds Apart Productions as well as toy maker Spin Master. He noted that the toy industry thrives on innovation, and he sees an opportunity to apply fresh thinking to the home industry as well.
MindsInSync began five years ago producing unlabelled product. Three years ago, the company began working on proprietary brand development. Now it does both and sells product in Japan, Korea, Australia, South Africis, Chile, the UK and Germany as well as the U.S.
The company recently launched a Microdry and a pet bed. MindsInSync is also developing lighting along with hard and soft kitchen products as well as products for the bedroom and garage.



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