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CHF's new system looks to simplify windows, shower

NEW YORK -Whoever heard of a window curtain that didn't need rings or hooks? Or a bathroom organizer that will hold virtually everything you have in one place?

CHF Industries introduced at the recent fall market two new products-the Hookless window curtain and Shower Stuffits-that do just that. The Hookless window curtain is a direct descendant of CHF's Hookless shower curtain, which made its debut at an earlier market.

According to the New York-based company, its latest innovation, a patented split-ring system, lets consumers install window curtains without having to use any hardware, remove the curtain rod or fumble with loops, hooks or rings. Embedded plastic grommets, in the curtain itself, paired with discreet slits enable a consumer to hang a window curtain by snapping it onto the rod directly, designed to save time and remove hassle from the process.

Because of the Hookless technology, consumers will also be able to layer window treatment using only one curtain rod, as opposed to using two or three with traditional methods.

"It takes the intimidation out of the whole process," Frank Foley, president of CHF Industries, told Home Textiles Today. "It's cost-saving and efficient, and it has a very contemporary look and feel to it."

Available in only four different fabrics for now and available for shipment in December, window curtains can be easily changed to reflect the different seasons, customize a new look or reflect a mood. Depending on the success of the program, the Hookless window curtain will be greatly expanded.

"Our interests and focus as a company are to develop products that benefit the consumer, often in ways they hadn't thought of," said Joan Karron, executive vp. "Hookless is an incredible example. Consumer needs are being met, and the response has been terrific."

Shower Stuffits also made their debut during fall market, and use the same split-ring system. They are designed to put an end to cluttered, messy countertops and cumbersome caddies.

Available in various sizes, from a three-pocket design to an entire shower curtain covered in pockets, Stuffits are made from mildew-proof vinyl and feature mesh pouches that drain on their own and are strong enough to hold virtually any bathroom product, such as a hair dryer or a child's bathroom toys. Like the Hookless shower curtain, consumers can simply snap them on any horizontal rod, such as a shower curtain rod, towel rack or sink bar.

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