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  • Cecile Corral

DuPont extends its Stainmaster to rugs

Cecile Corral, Staff Staff -- Home Textiles Today, February 17, 2003

DuPont Nylon Flooring recently introduced the DuPont Stainmaster Rug collection, composed of area rugs with stain- and soil-resistance for easy cleaning.

The company launched between 10 to 20 styles, including tufted, patterned and fabric-bordered rugs, in January at the Surfaces 2003 in Las Vegas. Additional styles are in development.

DuPont's Stainmaster Rug Collection is made in partnership with several major suppliers, including Mohawk Home, Capel, Springs, SoHo and Masland.

"With the expansion of the DuPont Stainmaster Rug collection, consumers will enjoy the versatile look of area rugs with the durability and fashion of DuPont Stainmaster," said Carol Haslach, marketing communications manager, DuPont. "In 2003, consumers will see even more styling options as additional mills join the program."

The collection features DuPont Type 6,6 nylon and the Advanced Teflon Repel System, providing protection against stains and soil in addition to texture retention and resistance to crushing and matting. Like DuPont Stainmaster carpet, the area rugs are available in a good/better/best selection system. The DuPont Stainmaster Rug collection is available at home centers and flooring and furniture specialty stores.

The majority of the rugs range in price from $149 to $499, while some of the higher-end styles are poised to sell for $1,000.