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New fire safety info on bedding TBA this week

WASHINGTON – The Consumer Products Safety Commission is opening the process for establishing new standards for fire safety on bedding products, including sheets, pillows and comforters.

The Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR) is set to be announced this week, according to the Home Fashions Products Association. A 90-day comment period will follow, during which the commission will determine whether there are specific hazards that need to be addressed and to collect pertinent information.

The ANPR “is not a proposed standard but the first step in rulemaking,” the HFPA noted. The HFPA plans to comment on the action and is soliciting involvement from bedding suppliers in the industry.

The commission recently published a briefing packaging on mattress and bedding/bedclothes flammability. It is available at or directly through the link

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