Sharyn Blond Linens extends design portfolio

Kansas City,Mo.– Hand-embroidered high-end linen designer, manufacturer and retailer Sharyn Blond Linens is tripling its new design portfolio in bedding, table linens and guest towels to tap into growing trends in luxury goods.

Sharyn Blond, owner, told HTT she is also ramping up her offerings, shifting her design direction to include some “more linear, not so traditional” looks. “I think there is quite a market for that,” she continued. “I think if there is a focus for me now it is toward a little more contemporary.”

The company’s core offerings remain classic looks: her bedding is made of Egyptian cotton, loomed in Italy , and the bath and table linens are made of Belgian linen and are hand-embroidered in Madeira , a Portuguese archipelago.

The expanded assortment across the three categories comprises more than 45 designs, up from the 16 maximum her company typically releases each year.

“I’m expanding because there such a tremendous market for luxury bedding, and there are few options out there for true hand-embroidered goods but the demand is growing,” she explained.

The company is also about to break into the hospitality sector for the first time, serving high-end resorts and hotels with hand-embroidered bed and bath linens donning -- for the most part – customer-specific brand logos and designs.

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