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LNT plans to get 'better'

CLIFTON , N.J. — Recognizing that its competitors at the discount level are "very, very strong," Linens 'n Things is concentrating on becoming a dominant "better" retail destination for home goods, said Jack Moore, president/chief operating officer, during the Merrill Lynch Retailing Leaders Conference this week.

"We want to be extremely dominant in the 'better' segment of the business," Moore explained. "We know we also have a lot of competition in the 'better' segment, but that is where we belong and want to be the first choice store for the home enthusiast."

He added that the store will still look to offer limited "good" products in key items with sharp price points — "but it will be a very narrow approach," and the broad breadth of LNT's assortment will be focused "in the middle of the pyramid."

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