• Andrea Lillo

What's new at Area: Lines, logo and log-on

High-end bedding manufacturer Area has stepped out with a new image and web site in conjunction with an overall update of the company image. It also plans to expand into new categories come January.

"We wanted to define a really clear vision of who we are to our customers," said Anki Spets, founder and designer.

Its shop-within-a-shop at ABC Carpet & Home, New York, has helped paved the way for new opportunities, setting the stage for the February introduction of blankets and dec pillows at the New York Gift Show .

"Bedding is a long-term commitment," Spets said, "but accessories are more immediate."

About six styles each in blankets and decorative pillows will debut, and they will stand alone from the bedding.

Area has also revamped its logo, evolving it from a "crafty look" to something more subtle and streamlined.

Sales materials are also more cohesive, and use the same brown color and design elements. The sales catalog now includes the swatches so the retailer can use it as a sales tool as well as a reference to Area's line.

The company's redesigned Web site, areahome.com, contains more details about the company and products and improved photos.

"Aesthetically it's very different," said Patricia Holley, sales manager. "It's much warmer. We wanted it to be a more user-friendly site for both retailers and end consumers."

Although Area will never add e-commerce to the site, it does provide links to retailers that sell its products.

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