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Allure Home Takes Two Design Paths For Bath

Allure Home Fashions is multiplyingAllure Home Fashions is multiplying its design scales to the Nth degree with a new crop of “explosive” iconic looks, including Roses.
NEW YORK - Exploded and embellished. These are two words that fittingly describe the two design directions being taken by Allure Home Fashions in its latest offering of bath coordinates.
     Gaby Colquitt, vp of design and marketing, explained her choice of words for the batch of 24 new collections - 16 of which are designed for master bath-type looks and eight of which span novelty styles for juvenile, tween, teen and back-to-college purposes.
     By "exploded," she means "overscaled, graphic, extra large floral and leaf patterns" on the master bath groupings for a "very modern, very clean look.
     "Embellished," she said about the second trend story, includes dressmaker details, special sewing treatments, "and other added-value fabrications that hit a different kind of look from the graphic collections." Many of these looks serve the younger customer set.
     Each of the 24 new bath collections includes matching towel ensembles, shower curtain and bath rug that "indirectly" coordinate with bath accessories.
     And by "indirectly" Colquitt means "using new techniques, like different shines, washes, glazes and finishes" on the accessories pieces that are not necessarily exact matches to their soft goods counterparts but rather comfortably complement them "via colors and shapes."
     "We are excited about this market," Colquitt said. "We feel like we have some very strong contenders. It's time to update, and we have explored some very different coordinating looks and different kinds of collections for our retail partners this market."

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