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Balta brings outdoors inside with new "Luxury Flatweave" collection

At the New York Market - Balta U.S. is giving legs to its signature outdoor line of sisal-like rugs with a new indoor-inclined collection of similar products.

"We're known for our outdoor rugs, so for this market we thought we'd create a new indoor look in flatwovens," explained Patrick Moyer, president.

This new program comes in two styles - a double-ply and a single ply - which offers two price brackets for different consumer bases.

Marketed as Luxury Flatweave, the double-ply grouping is called "Grace" and is a heat-set cabled, twisted yarn construction with four strands of color in each fiber. Moyer described these rugs as "well thought out, well engineered products" in a flatweave polypropylene construction. The retails are set to range from $129 to $199.

Its more promotional sister product, marketed Premier Flatweaves, are non-heat set single-ply rugs that still offer a sisal-looking texture for indoor use. The retail price is set at $69 to $79.

Moyer said the company has added loom capacity to accommodate this growing business for Balta U.S., adding the company has "the first 4-meter-80 loom that allows us to produce two 8-by-10 [rugs] side by side."

He continued, "We're very committed to this category, both for outdoor and now indoor."

New in-store displays are also part of this new push. Balta U.S.'s national account marketing and planning director, Jeff Patrick, based the design on parent company Balta's similar displays for its broadloom products. The flatweave display accommodates up to 20 rug samples.


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