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Alexander Julian Inspired by Apparel

Using fashion “as a fast track,” Alexander Julian has gone back to designs he created for women's and men's apparel to identify color and patterns that appeal to both men and women.

In his debut collection of decorative fabrics that will launch at American Silk Mills at Showtime in January, Julian said, “The designs have been tested, they have a continuum.”

Inspirations for the collection have come from designs for ties, shirts, sweaters, jackets and slacks.

“The fabrics are scaled-up versions of his apparel designs while retaining the look of refineness that is typical of his work,” said Cynthia Clark-Douthit, vice president of American Silk. “There is more color in his patterns than one could imagine, but it is not overwhelming color. Each piece is an art piece.”

The collection started with Coltrane, which she described as, “a wow design that was a derivative of a tie design.” Calculus, a silk/rayon/polyester design uses a jaspe technique while Whirlygig has iridescent effects in silk/wool/polyester. Rush Hour is derived from a shirt fabric in a medley of colors in a silk/polyester blend.

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