Sunvim to Increase Exports to U.S.

Towel Maker to Double Exports Overall

Shandong, China — Sunvim, the largest towel manufacturer in China, plans to boost its exports to the United States this year by leveraging its recently added bedding production facility.

Last year, 90% of the company's exports were directed toward Japan, according to Wang Peifeng, general manager. This year, Japan's share of exports will be reduced to 50%, with the United States market accounting for 30% of exports and the EU the remaining 20%, she said.

Overall, Sunvim plans to double global exports in 2006 to $200 million. Of that, roughly $20 million will consist of bedding, Wang said.

In reaction to the United States' re-imposition of quota limits on Chinese-produced towels in late 2005, Sunvim will focus on marketing higher-end towels to the market. “There's always competition from factory to factory and country to country,” she added. “To win the market, the quality and the service have to be right.”

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