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Scalamandré Selling Off History

High-end fabric maker Scalamandre is clearing out thousands of vintage items from its 75-year-old, red-brick factory in Long Island City, N.Y., as part of its expansion move to the south.

The company plans to unload antique fixtures such as looms, furniture and industrial equipment, wooden frames, boxes, spools, trims and yarns left over from historic projects. The sale will also include short ends and overruns of some fabrics that sold to interior designs, architects and museums for hundreds of dollars per yard.

Among the more historic items are working antique jacquard looms, spinning wheels and original 3-by-5-foot silk screens, many in their old wooden frames.

The sale will begin Nov. 29 and run for two to three weeks until the inventory is liquidated. Tickets are already being auctioned online. Bulk buying of artifacts will open Dec. 6. For additional information, visit