Repreve yarn by Unifi gains SCS certification    

A microphotography image of the surface of a woven upholstery fabric made with Repreve.

Greensboro, N.C. -- Polyester and nylon yarn supplier Unifi said its trademarked Repreve family of yarns has been independently certified for 100% recycled content by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), a third-party auditor, certifier and standards developer.

"Our review of Unifi's claims involved full examination of both input and production records, and the audit process allows us to carefully review key operations before issuing final recycled content certification," said Ed Wyatt, SCS program manager for material content certification.

Wyatt added that Unifi’s certified operations and product will require an annual renewal to maintain certification.

“We believe that manufacturers, brands and retailers deserve an objective, independent evaluation that provides an understanding of environmental claims and a level of confidence in suppliers like Unifi," said Roger Berrier, vp of commercial operations, Unifi.

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