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Faze 3 Expands EZLon Launches Patterned Bath Rugs

NEW YORK - Building on the momentum of its EZLon collection of micro-polyester bath rugs, Faze 3 Ltd. came to market with new fiber and design constructions.
     "The new products demonstrate the capabilities of our equipment," explained Joe Shafran, vp.
     Another new collection also shows Faze 3's expanding capabilities. Employing new equipment, the company "for the first time, can make patterned bath rugs in multiple colors and patterns with a full rubber back - not just a tufted cotton back," Shafran said.
     Furthermore, he added, "we can make these rugs at the same prices as a cotton duck-backed tabletop item."
     A grouping of brightly colored, novelty styles in assorted shapes, including squares, spheres and butterflies, among others, are also new to bath.