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President Obama Signs Bill to Amend CPSIA

WASHINGTON - President Obama has signed HR2715, the bill to amend the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008) to provide greater discretion to the Consumer Product Safety Commission to exclude products and materials that cannot practically meet the new lower 100ppm lead standard for children's products that went into effect August 14. The amendment law is now in effect.
     An important provision is an express provision that makes it clear that goods already on retail shelves need not meet the new limits which now apply only to new goods manufactured after August 14, 2011.
     CPSC is also directed to give greater deference to ASTM standards as durable JP rules and permit alternate flexible testing and certification rules.
     CPSC now also has the authority to enact regulations that reduce testing and certification burdens on small businesses that already produce safe products.

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