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Invista unveils bath rug fiber upgrade

Atlanta– Fiber resource Invista has introducedComforelTwoPoint99fiber, a new addition to its system for bath rugs that marries softness with vivid color.

Ana Torrence, vp, home and hospitality, said, “Our research shows that consumers consistently desire softer bath rugs and that softness is critical to the upgrade process. We’ve been actively showing bathroom rugs made with Comforel Two Point 99 fiber in the marketplace, and the retailers who have seen the products have been impressed with the softness we’ve been able to achieve.”

The Comforel Two Point 99 fiber system is available in both bright and dull luster. Invista reports several bath rug manufacturers will show the new technology during the New York Home Fashions Market (formerly known as Market Week), which begins Feb. 12.

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