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Northern Feather intros down-alternative gel fiber

Michele SanFilippo -- Home Textiles Today, August 25, 2003

A new down-alternative gel fiber fill by Northern Feather has begun hitting shelves of regional Canadian retail chains.

Karessa, the company's answer to anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, top-quality goose down, is expected to receive placements from national chains in the next two to three months, company officials said.

The product has been in development at Northern Feather since January.

According to Erik Nilsson, sales manager, Karessa is "the best down alternative on the market because it comes the closest to the feel of goose down."

"Cluster fibers and ball fibers are a bit more coarse than this gel fiber, which is silky and smooth," he added.

Northern Feather sees Karessa as "the ultimate luxurious bedding experience." Both the Karessa pillow and duvet contain an anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, super-soft gel fiber fill that offers a comparable alternative to goose down without any dust.

"With our newest up-to-date and innovative machinery [from Europe], we are able to gain strict control over the quality of the synthetic materials that go inside our pillows and duvets," said Nilsson. Northern Feather's facilities now have the ability to open the gel fiber fill to maximize its potential.

The products are double stitched with piped edges, and are machine washable on a gentle cycle. "We found that there is a lot more interest and demand in down-alternative so we can reach a much more aggressive price point," he said.

Northern Feather offers a seven-year manufacturer's guarantee. The Karessa pillow is available in standard, queen and king with the option of soft, medium and firm, and is double covered. The Karessa duvet is available in twin, queen and king and has a 15" baffle box construction.

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