Divatex snags Shag license

NEW YORK — Shag's hipster cool design will make its debut as home textiles later this week at the Divatex showroom.

Divatex has been licensed to produce bedding, bath and beach featuring Shag designs. Although the main business of Shag — California artist Josh Angle — is artwork, his designs have also been licensed for barware, cocktail napkins, placemats, coasters, books, men's shorts, ties, stationery, watches and accessories.

The artist's sensibility evokes the sort mid-1960s cocktail chic embodied by the Pink Panther. Pattern names are also very much of the era: Monkey Lounge, Oola Boola and Hottie Cat.

"It's fun and funky, with good vibes," said Shay Zamit, vice president of merchandising, Divatex. "It's the kind of design that looks futuristic by taking from the past."

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