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Moen research looks at who does the dirty work

North Olmsted, Ohio -Leading faucet brand Moen dishes the dirt on cleaning habits by gender and the results show that women still do the bulk of the work - or at least they think they do.
The Consumer & Market Insights Group at Moen recently surveyed hundreds of consumers to determine how they clean. Who does more housework might be a matter of perception. According to those surveyed, 46% (mostly women) claimed, "I clean my home entirely myself," while 42% (mostly men) reported that "I share cleaning responsibilities with a spouse or significant other."
Only 12% of consumers use an outside service to clean their homes. Why? Most (68%) say it's too expensive.
According to Moen's survey, almost six hours of our week is spent cleaning - but that doesn't necessarily mean all at once. On average, 30 minutes of each weekday are spent cleaning - usually in the morning or evening; while on weekends, we spend between one to two hours each day on these chores.
For many consumers, cleaning doesn't have to involve mops, brooms and rags. In fact, the goal for 46% of those surveyed was to simply "free the area of clutter."
While organization is often the first step in the cleaning process, nearly one-third of consumers take it the next step further, with the end goal of making everything sparkle and shine. And, what are they using to make their homes look shiny and new? For kitchens and baths, paper towels and store-bought cleaners and detergents topped the list. Eco-friendly products are used at least sometimes (68%) - and the expense (41%) or perception that they don't work as well (28%) has deterred buyers.
Finally, while only 11% of consumers state their main cleaning goal is to kill as many germs as possible, anti-bacterial wipes and sprays ranked high with 62% of consumers using them in the kitchen and 54% using them in the bathroom.
To help inhibit the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew, Moen offers several faucets that feature Microban antimicrobial protection.

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