• Jennifer Marks

Import report: India pulling ahead in sheets & towels

OTEXA report finds continuing strength for India, China and Pakistan

Washington – The year-end numbers on textiles imports into the U.S. are out. In a nutshell, the results for sheets and towels is simple: volumes up, dollars down.

The results also show that while India, China and Pakistan remain the three major hubs for production, India had the better year.

Total cotton sheet imports from all countries fell 4.7% in dollar value to $1.44 billion, according to the Office of Textiles and Apparel (OTEXA). China, India and Pakistan still own the lion’s share of the sheet business, accounting for 88.1% of total import volume in the category and capturing 86.1% of total dollar value.

India’s share of the business by volume rose 2.3% to 34.38% off all cotton sheet imports, although total dollar value fell 3.1%.

Sheet imports from China took the biggest hit on both measures, with volume down 4.4% to 28.72% of all imports and dollar value down 10.2%.

Pakistan’s share by volume fell 5.98% to 24.96% of total sheet imports, while dollar value fell 9.7%.

In towels, total imports from around the world rose 2.6% by volume, but total dollar value fell 2.4% to just under $1.6 billion. The Big Three held onto 85.0% of the market by dollar value and 87.6% of the volume.

Pakistan had the largest share of volume, 36.2%, but India was tops in dollar value – capturing 48.6%.

Pakistan came in third for share of dollar value, with 22.0%. But its dollar value was down 2.0% year over year.

China nabbed the second largest share of the dollar value, 21.6%, but came in at #3 for volume with 20.0% of total towels. Its dollar value in towels fell 9.0%.

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