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Jennifer Karp

You need this gadget more than you know

 Maybe it was the long deep cold of the Polar Vortex, or maybe it was all the weight some of us gained waiting out the long winter – but there seems to be an even deeper appreciation this year for summer’s fresh fruits and vegetab... More

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As the housewares editor for Home + Textiles Today, I bring you what manufactures are stirring up: product innovation, trends and news. There's a lot going on in the kitchen and I welcome your comments.

Cecile Corral

Nothin’ But A “G Thang”

Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart are partnering up to “shake and bake” together in the kitchen this fall with the debut of a new primetime show on VH1. And by that, they don’t just mean seasoning chicken cutlets with the help of ... More

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From my home office in Miami, I'm "On the Beat" covering what's going on in retailing, rugs and other soft home categories. Visit me here to read about what I find along the way, and to share your own thoughts on the world of home fashions.

Misinformation on 34th street

Have you heard that the death of the American department store is imminent and that poor old Macy’s is about to be history? Have you heard the one about the three buyers who walk into a bar and…? Before anyone gets their planograms ... More

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Warren Shoulberg, editorial director for HTT, always seems to have something to say about things.
Jennifer Marks

To invest or divest, that is the question

It’s been an eventful first quarter, filled with some surprising initiatives and some not-so-surprising store closings and layoffs. It’s hard to decide which came as the bigger bombshell, Target’s announcement that it will becom... More

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Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Marks shares news and views from around the home textiles marketplace.