Observations from Paris...

January 24, 2012

We're in Paris, walking through the shops and enjoying the creative windows of the town. We are letting ourselves soak in the city's fashion genius and will send our observations.
Paris is all about her 3 F's: food, fabrics and fashion.

Stores to Visit:

Galeries Lafayette
Bon Marche
Maria Luisa
Kokn to Zai

Galeries Lafayette & Printemps. The big guys...

The colors on handbags and accessories for spring are very bright: Turquoise, orange, yellow and hot pink were featured at Bottega Veneta, Marc Jacobs and YSL.

The white sales are on in January and they still appear to be meaningful to the French consumer based on the level of activity seen at both Galeries Layafette and Primptemps. Sales are not as diluted here as the over promoted home products are in the U.S. The French wait for the sales, purchase good quality products and pass them along.

Food has always been considered a fine art in Paris. Concurrent with Maison, Paris Des Chefs will be featured in the heart of Paris.

One observation is that the macaroon has become the signature cookie of Paris. Not just Laduree, which is now in New York. Several macaroon shops have popped up all over the city.