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Hot in High Point

October 24, 2011

First the good news: The Market opened on Saturday here to enthusiastic crowds, hungry for "fresh meat," new looks and extended product lines. All are offered in abundance.

Here are a few highlights having emerged in just the last two days:

Ten must haves for seekers of trend-right and innovative merchandise:

  • Satin - Shine and gloss are back in many collections, imparting a glamorous glow to upholstery pieces but also high gloss and lacquered finishes on furniture. Seen in lemongrass yellows, golden tones, blush kissed beige and high octane copper, these textiles light up many a showroom.
  • Velvet - Of the short, napped variety with the look and feel of mohair turning down the voltage on formality and making this textile applicable to a broader range of styles.
  • Vintage Linen - Coarser in texture - newest in faded tapestry looks created with "distressed" printing.
  • Double-take upholstery - Frequent use of two different fabrics - one on the outside, another on the outside- observed on sofas and chairs.
  • Animal prints - They continue to proliferate. If you liked leopard yesterday, today snake skin, zebra and giraffe pints are on the cutting edge.
  • Metallics - Seen especially in accent furniture, brushed silver finishes are plentiful, including newly revived silver teapaper. Brushed nickel and bronze are popular in furniture hardware.
  • Blue & white - Consider this classic combination essential to forward planning in textiles and accessories. It is once again a popular choice
  • Screens - They are everywhere and in many different sizes, from fire screen to towering heights, and serve as effective furniture backdrops or to create intimate corners within larger spaces.
  • Table clusters - Ofering multiple use options. Cocktail tables may consist of several sections that can be pulled apart for separate use. Newer applications are seen in dining tables. No longer just one large unit, separate tables may be ganged together restaurant style to accommodate a larger group of diners.
  • As you like it - Customizing upholstered furniture is picking up speed and popularity with quick ship programs, such as Lauren's at Schnadig with 100 fabric choices offered on selected frames.