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Color Shifts

September 5, 2008

Maison & Objet opens today, and my next report will be from the show.

Here are the color trends we’re elsewhere:

Purples galore. A steady 3-seasons’ trickle turning into a flood. All nuances included from palest lavender through hyacinth and violet to deepest saturation.

True blues pairing with or replacing geen-cast aqua and teal. Bright sky through cobalt into deep indigo and ultramarine. Navy yielding to brighter hues. Classic blue-and-white revival.

Blue-greens emerging — not replacing yellow-greens but pairing with them or even blues in an overall trend toward analogous combinations.

Yellow continues on its own or as an influence on reds and greens but most effective as a companion to grays. Pure citrus turning more muted toward golden and mustard yellows.

Gray broadening its range into newest renditions that are deeper and darker. Best accent pure white but easy catalyst for pinks, fuchsias and violets, yellow-greens, orange, brown reds.

Browns staging a surprisingly strong comeback. After yielding to grays last two seasons, browns are back with a vengeance, notably in caramel to brandy and taupe but also full strength espresso and chocolate.

Black coming back, too, both as full color for maximum drama and accent to white and gray. Most dynamic when paired with brights: chrome yellow, cobalt blue, violet, red, even brown.

Overall: Expect color to become more aggressive - less toned down for, especially for mainstream.