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Cecile Corral

Considering a free PBKids decorating class...hmmm

February 11, 2009

I don’t get to shop Pottery Barn Kids (or any of the Pottery Barn nameplates, for that matter) much on my tight, middle-class-with-young-children budget. I’ve been very creative both in design and spending in decorating my girls’ shared room where they sleep and play. I’ve leaned on shabby chic looks with vintage fabrics, furniture and toys – and I must say, it’s worked well.


But I won’t deny that I love leafing through the PB Kids catalog every time it arrives in my mailbox, which lately seems more and more often. Especially for young girls, the store’s room décor and toys are adorable and well done – and what I particularly like, not character-driven but rather generic and tasteful.


And did I mention pricey? Too pricey, agree my friends — one of whom just yesterday told me she forces herself to throw out her PB catalogs – all of them – before she is tempted to look inside for fear of racking up her exploding credit card debt.


So just when we thought we had figured out a way to control ourselves, PB Kids raids my email with another temptation: a free decorating class.


Not just any decorating class. This complimentary, one-hour event – hosted, of course, at my neighborhood Pottery Barn Kids store — promises to show little ol’ cost-cutting me “cost-effective ways to decorate kids’ bedrooms, nurseries and play spaces.”


But wait – there’s more – and I don’t mean ginsu knives!


“Attendees receive a 10% discount on products featured in the class.*”


That asterisk caught my attention, so I checked out the caveat: “Must attend class to receive discount” and “offer valid on purchases made on the day of the class only and on merchandise that is in the store at the time of purchase.”


I must say, for being one of the most pained retail chains in the current environment, Pottery Barn is being clever about drawing customers into its stores and encouraging them to spend while they are there.


The gimmick has me considering if I want to take advantage of this invitation. I need to be cautious with my credit card – maybe I’ll control myself by just taking a set amount of cash.


I still don’t know. But it’s got me thinking, and that’s a start.