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Cecile Corral

Designer Consigner

February 18, 2009

A  couple of weeks back  I talked about  my friend — a former Macy’s buyer who left the retailer last month to take over a 20-year-old children’s consignment shop .   As of two weeks ago, she’s the new owner. I dropped by today for a brief visit to wish her well and see how she is doing. With a big smile, she said "I’m loving it!" No major layout changes yet - it is still too early. But the shop definitely looks tidier and brighter and some of the merchandise has taken on a higher end look. "Someone just bought a Bellini (Italian designer children’s brand) crib set from me for $400," she volunteered, noticing my eyes on the small linens department. That opened the door for me to ask  what she planned to do with decor and home section,   which has long occupied a small two-shelf space and is barely noticeable among the multitude of clothing racks. And just as I was expecting her to tell me she was getting rid of it, she  said , "I’m growing it! I know it’s only been a couple of weeks, but  I  see people are responding to it, and I think they will continue to respond."  Her focus here is on better brands, the kind you’d find at department stores, boutiques and specialty shops, with only a peppering of more discount store brands.  Stay tuned for more updates on the recycling front.