Cecile Corral

Consignment conundrum

February 3, 2009

A friend of mine recently left her post as a young miss apparel buyer for Macy’s to try something “totally different.”

She bought a children’s consignment shop in our neighborhood and she took over it this week.

My friend is very bright and a savvy retailer, so I know that even though she admits she knows little about the consignment business, she’ll do well.

To boot, her timing is impeccable.

Not only did she spare herself a possible layoff this week at Macy’s where 7,000 jobs are diminishing, but she is trying her hand at the wave of the future – “recycling” and thrift shopping.

My friend said she plans to upscale the store’s assortment with more name-brand pieces and dressy dresses in hopes of attracting a new breed of customers who might not have shopped consignment in better economic times.

I hope she is right.

But take the tickets – and the merchandise – a notch too high and she might be trading off old loyals – like me, for example — for a handful of hesitants just dipping their toes at the concept.

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