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Jennifer Marks

Finally getting it?

March 9, 2010

The time: Six months ago, during the September market in New York.

The characters: Your extremely sporatic blogger, a colleague and our 23-year-old, male photographer.

The setting: Hitting the sidewalk following a showroom walk-through, one of many.


Photog: It’s weird.

Extremely sporatic blogger (ESB): What?

Photog: It’s, people keep showing you this stuff that’s supposed to be for ‘young’ customers.

ESB: Yeah?

Photog: I don’t see anything anybody I know would buy.

ESB: Nothing?

Photog: No.

Monday night, March 8, 2010. Same characters, same situation. A week (and weekend) of preview appointments have now passed by.

Photog: Remember what we were talking about last market?

ESB: Yeah.

Photog: They’re getting it.

ESB: Who?

Photog: Just about everybody we’ve been to.

ESB: Really?

Photog: Yeah. I mean, they’re two years late. But they’re getting it.