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Jennifer Marks

Market Time

August 4, 2007

We’re now in our third go-round of the no-weekend format of the New York Home Fashions Market, which officially kicks off on Monday. As I learned the hard way during the past two sessions that there’s hardly anybody around on Saturday, I’ve spent the day working at the computer.

But I did have a handful of preview appointments last week. Based on those, here’s a highly preliminary look at what’s trending:

Gray/platinum/brushed silver making a move to become "the new brown"
Touches of eyelet
Contempory/modern, though a lot less graphic and a lot more color-oriented
Silk/faux silk
Contemporary takes on covelets/quilts/bedspreads
Wood/wood finishes
Textured grounds, but more subtly textured than previously
Overscaled everything — damasks, jacs, paisleys, medallians, florals, etc.
Horizonal patterning across the top of bed, whether panels, stitching, trailing botanicals or prints

It’s now the end of my third day at market, and all the above still holds true. In addition:

Browns of various hues still hanging in, though as reliably saleable rather than directional
Mitering, mitering, mitering
A potential resurgence of engineered design. (Ah, but will the pencils put graphite to paper?)