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Atlanta Rug Market

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Join H&TT Senior Editor Cecile B. Corral as she previews trends in outdoor, contemporary and traditional rug designs for the upcoming summer show season. See the videos! Sponsored by AmericasMart Atlanta


  • Kristin Sprague

    Digital Dexterity

    Kristin Sprague

    July 6, 2015

    A Good Egg - The recipe for a winning promotional email can be whipped up with these five ingredients.

    If only sending promotional emails was as easy as making an omelet. Sometimes the email subject line isn’t right; sometimes the image gets skipped over. But don’t despair,not all chefs get it right the first time either. One brilliant chef, Jose Andres, says about making the“perfect”omelet: “Let’s not fool ourselves. The perfect omelet doesn’t exist. It has not been made yet.There are unbelievable omelets; good, excellent and even astonishing omelets, but there is no such thing as perfect.”* This is a great attitude to take when “preparing” your emails. You should strive ...

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    Home Alone 3

    Warren Shoulberg

    July 6, 2015

    High Drama at the Low End

    Don’t look now but the bottom end of the home textiles market is in play. With the demise of Anna’s Linens, consolidation in the dollar store channel, the continued expansion of Aldi and the entry of H&M and Zara into the home business we are in the midst of some serious upheaval down on the low end of the retail hierarchy. And while the prices are low and the margins slim, don’t ever forget the fact that this is a huge business up for grabs. If we accept the premise that the marketplace is becoming truly ...

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  • Jennifer Marks

    The Thread

    Jennifer Marks

    July 6, 2015

    Retail Lab

    We have entered a new age of experimentation at retail, with an assortment of prototypes and new concepts opening in the coming months. You can take it as a sign retailers are feeling comfortable enough with the economy to begin testing new formulas. Or you could consider it an attempt by decades-old retailers to come up with something new. Bed Bath & Beyond: The Chelsea store in Manhattan is constantly in flux, but the big new thing opening there this month is a World Market home furnishings shop. Know what’s even bigger and potentially cooler? The 100,000-sq.-ft. store ...

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