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Eco-friendly home furnishings

Product information on eco-friendly home furnishings, green design, environmental regulations, recycling techniques and sustainable forest resources.


  • Bill McLoughlin

    Furniture Everyday

    Bill McLoughlin

    October 5, 2015

    It will be a strong market … if you make it so

    This is going to be a very strong High Point Market. Based on my highly scientific methodology — pouring over the flow of new product information, studying our rapidly expanding list of market parties and parsing myriad conversations with industry insiders — I’m going to go out on a limb and say that retailers looking for new and unique, on trend or aggressively priced new offerings, will find just what they need this fall. Many of you don’t know me well yet, so let me tell you, I don’t gush. Having attended markets and trade shows for over a ...

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  • Thomas Lester


    Thomas Lester

    October 1, 2015

    #MattressTags: Help (not) wanted?

      These beds sell themselves. Many bedding experts make their name by helping retailers and their sales reps understand how to better reach consumers when they enter the store. But  Milwaukee-based mattress retailer Hassless Mattress is trying out life without salespeople.         Using mattresses to break the cycle. Topeka, Kan.-based Memory Foam Liquidators is giving former inmates from the Shawnee County Jail and Topeka Correctional Facility a chance to earn a living again, even finding a way to give some of its new employees a ride to work. "They are just people like you and me, and you know it's ...

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  • David Perry

    Bedding Today

    David Perry

    September 30, 2015

    Would President Trump give bedding shipments a boost?

    Dear President Trump: A while back I made some ill-conceived comments in this space about something to do with you and some bedding producer. I may have called you “classless” for calling out that bedding company. That was my mistake. I should have called you “presidential,” your excellency. You are a very smart guy. OK, I may be getting ahead of things a bit, but you have to admit that the political world has changed dramatically since I wrote whatever it was that I wrote about Donald Trump a few months ago. Trump is now leading in the polls, improbably ...

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