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Eco-friendly home furnishings

Product information on eco-friendly home furnishings, green design, environmental regulations, recycling techniques and sustainable forest resources.

NY Market Videos

NY Home Fashions Market

Join HTT Editorial Director Warren Shoulberg and Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Marks as they report from the Fall 2014 New York Home Fashions Market. See the videos!


  • Thomas Lester

    An Inside Look

    Thomas Lester

    November 18, 2014

    Face everything and.... ?

    During a dinner at last month’s High Point Market, I had an interesting conversation with technology provider RM Innovation’s founder and CEO, David Khazai, about what’s holding the small or independent retailer back. He said it could be summed up easily enough: “FEAR.” Only instead of the actual sensation of being afraid, Khazai said FEAR is actually an acronym for what people do when they’re up against the unknown: “Face Everything and Run” or “Face Everything and Rise.” Khazai, whose company specializes in technological solutions relating to rug retail, said FEAR can apply to most any ...

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  • Bill McLoughlin

    Furniture Everyday

    Bill McLoughlin

    November 14, 2014

    Much more to demographic marketing than understanding Millennials

    All the talk about Millennials, their emerging buying clout, their impending takeover of the purchasing universe and the importance of reaching them on their ever-present cell phones has obscured some fairly significant attributes of today's furniture market. For all their impending clout Millennials’ impact on the furniture market is more potential than actual. Only the leading edge of the Millennial generation is of an age and income level to have significant impact on today’s furniture industry. Right now Gen X and even Baby Boomers are critically important demographics when it comes to the buying and selling of furniture ...

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  • David Perry

    Bedding Today

    David Perry

    November 11, 2014

    Consumer Reports whiffs again with mattress shopping advice

    Consumer Reports revisits the mattress industry in its November issue. The latest visit, while well intentioned, once again misses the mark. Producers who find themselves with high ratings for their mattresses will be pleased. That includes Serta, Simmons, Charles P. Rogers, Stearns & Foster and The Original Mattress Factory, which top the innerspring list; Novaform, Spring Air, Bob’s Discount Furniture and Tempur-Pedic, which top the memory foam list, and Sleep Number, which tops the adjustable air list. The high ratings those brands earned are a coveted prize, a powerful recommendation from the respected consumer products evaluation company. But even some ...

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Top 50 Retail Giants

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