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NY Home Show Videos

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Join HTT Editorial Director Warren Shoulberg and Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Marks as they kick off video coverage from the 2015 New York Home Fashions Market. Each day they will share news about the trends coming out of showrooms and the hot topics of the market week. See the videos! Sponsored by Lenzing.


  • Cecile Corral

    Cecile's Creel

    Cecile Corral

    June 1, 2015


    Looks like the average American needs a new incentive to disconnect without unplugging. It’s called “glamping,” short for “glamorous camping.” Glamping involves vacationers heading off into a tamed wilderness setting that accommodates creature comforts like high-speed WiFi connection, high thread-count sheets, feather pillows, flat-screen TVs with cable access, and even in some places freshly-brewed coffee delivery each morning. The Glamping Hub lists cabins, tents and campers for rent across the U.S. equipped with special features – from a small eco-friendly unit in Washington State boasting “extremely nice mattresses and the best bedding from Anthropologie” to a newly-built treehouse in ...

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  • Kristin Sprague

    Digital Dexterity

    Kristin Sprague

    June 1, 2015

    Mobilegeddon. How Scary Is It?

    Google has changed its ranking parameter once again. Does your website meet the criteria? In case you didn’t know yet, right now its Google’s world and we all live in it. While we may get frustrated with the constant Google changes that affect our websites, we should keep in mind why Google does “silly” things, such as this past April’s Mobilegeddon. First, the obvious: Google profits from Google search, and when people have a good experience while they search, they come back. More search, more money. Second, the not so obvious: Google does strive to provide the ...

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  • Jennifer Marks

    The Thread

    Jennifer Marks

    May 26, 2015

    The Last Mile

    It is the great cost-adder in online retailing – the price of delivering that one package from the distribution center to the customer’s front door. The order online/pick-up in store model being embraced by so many retailers is designed in part to get around that hurdle – but it’s creating some new problems of its own. On the upside, ecommerce allows retailers to offer far more product options online than they can within the confines of a physical location. But what happens when the consumer dumps that online purchase back at the customer service counter at her local store ...

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